Honey Spot Blvd is a Genuine Jersey Swamp Funk band  (yes, we invented that genre) . The Trenton based foursome has a unique sound whose
members include Jessica Paris (vocals, rhythm guitar, songwriter,
flute, sometimes drums), Bill Wieszczek (electric guitar, vocals, songwriter),
Terry Crawford (bass, clown spy), and Rusty Di Pasquale (drums, vocals,
hair product specialist).

They are multi-talented musicians who play multiple instruments during shows keeping the crowd guessing and showing off their diverse catalog of
styles. The band wins over a crowd not only with soulful and catchy music, but by their easy going – down to earth personalities as well.  HSB
keeps the crowd coming back not just to hear the music, but to see what they’re going to do next.  Their sense of humor (sometimes self
deprecating) is apparent on stage and in some of their lyrics. Honey Spot Blvd songs have commercial appeal while maintaining lyrical depth.

Bottom line is this band loves each other, has fun, and it shows on stage. So come out and feel some Jersey Swamp love!
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